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 Keeping the newborn warm at home at winter
Update: 2014-01-17
Very often the new parents ask doctors that how can they keep the baby warm in winter at home. Experienced patents do ask such question less. Suddenly weather has become really cool, so we need to keep the baby and its surrounding environment warm, which is comfortable for the baby. In our country our houses does not contain heating system, moreover, most of our people cannot afford them. Tin shade houses and kacha houses are cooler in comparison to building houses.

To keep the baby warm, we can follow the steps mentioned below:
  • Put on ganji like dress first and over that other dresses like shirts including cap. Also use socks. Now wrap with soft small blanket. Use diaper to avoid soaking frequently, as baby passes urine more then six to twelve times a day or more. Mother must be in the same bed with the baby.

  • If possible, room temperature should be kept around 270C by using heater occasionally. Continuous use of fan heater or rod heater may decrease the humidity, which may not be comfortable for the baby.

  • If heater is used, it must be kept far away from baby to avoid skin burn and any other accidents.

  • Those who cannot afford all these for them, Kangaroo mother care (KMC) system is the best. Just put the baby in between the two breasts of the mother and over that a blanket or katha may be used, to keep the baby and mother warm. In KMC baby will get warmth from mother and because of intimate attachment with mother, bonding will be better; breast-feeding will be easier.

  • If the baby does not behave well, suckles poor, gets hypothermic or hyperthermic, movements get less than that of previous (normal) day, becomes lethargic, vomits frequently, parents must seek doctor's help. As these are the sign-symptoms of sepsis, the above mentioned features mean the babyis really sick and s/he needs doctor's advice.

  • Take care of your baby and pass very good time with them.

Written By:
Prof M Karim Khan
Professor of Paediatrics, Community Based Medical College, Mymensingh.

Artical source:
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