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 Itís time to prevent cervical cancer
Update: 2013-01-11
Cervical cancer affects the lower part of the womenís womb or uterus (known as cervix). It is second in the list among the cancers from which the women of developing countries suffer the most. Commonly, this cancer mostly occurs in cases from thirty five to fifty five years of age.

The frequency is higher among the women in lower income families. The risk of developing cervical cancer increases in the women who cannot maintain proper hygiene of the genital organs, those got married at early age or start sexual intercourse at early age, the women with frequent child birth, having multiple sexual partners; it also rises when their male counterparts have multiple sexual partners.

Infection by a virus called Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is responsible for most cases of cervical cancer and in some extent Herpes Simplex Virus type 2. Most of the women in their lifetime are affected by HPV more than once but most of these infections go away naturally. In some cases, it persists and increases the risk of developing cancer over time.

Two easy methods are used for the detection of cervical cancer at an early stage, VIA (Visual Inspection using Acetic Acid) and Pap smear. The VIA method is easy, simple and available for free at most government medical set up in Bangladesh. Pap smear is another test available in the diagnostic centers and some government laboratories.

Unfortunately, cervical cancer has hardly any symptom at early stage when it is completely treatable. Most of the patients come at a stage when cancer already spread throughout the body and little can be done to save them. So, prevention is the key to fight this deadly disease. In addition to cost-effective screening at a regular interval, vaccine also available in Bangladesh that can effectively prevent developing the cancer. Any girl from nine years onwards can take this vaccine. But it will be more effective if taken before marriage.

We can take precaution to remain free from the deadly cancer. For example, donít let your daughter get married before 18 years of age, refrain from conceiving child at early age (at least not before 21) and abstain from having physical relationship with more than one partner. And above all, the frequency of this cancer can be decreased by 70% to 80% by taking the vaccine which is available in Bangladesh.

January is the cervical cancer awareness month. Most women of Bangladesh suffer the catastrophic consequences of cervical cancer simply because of lack of awareness about its symptoms, prevention and services. It is the high time to take action.

Written By:
Dr Nowsheen Sharmin Purabi
The writer is a Gynaecologist.

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Development in the syllabus of Pharmaceutical Marketing & Management that is studied in the Bachelor of Pharmacy course of Bangladeshi Universities.
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