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Sr. Executive / Executive, Production; THE IBN SINA PHARMACEUTICAL IND LTD

Drug International Ltd.
Drug International Ltd.(DIL) is a dynamic, progressive company engaged in the science of mankind. It proudly stands today as one of the most reputed pharmaceutical companies of Bangladesh.

Drug International Ltd. is a private limited company engaged in the year 1974 & started production at the end of 1983 with a view to formulate and supply quality pharmaceutical products to the people of Bangladesh.

From the beginning of its outset, Drug International Ltd. had taken up bold measure some of the finished pharmaceutical products in soft capsule from retaining its real properties specially vitamins. The company is still pioneer in the field of soft gelatin capsules in Bangladesh. The company also introduced ophthalmic drugs (Drops, Creams and Ointments) in the market, which is another milestone of success.

The company has started manufacturing Bulk Antibiotic in Bangladesh in the year 1998 and now the product line includes Amoxicillin, Ampicillin, Cloxacillin, Flucloxacillin, Cephalexin and Cephradine.The company has also been awarded with ISO 9002 Certification from Orion registrar Inc, USA in the year 1998.

At present the finished pharmaceuticals are marketed all over Bangladesh and in the field of Bulk Drugs Companies like Beximco, ACI, Novarties, Essential Drug company Limited, Renata, Eskyef, phamadesh, Acme, Opsonin and many others are valued customers of bulk antibiotics with their entire satisfaction.

Drug international Ltd. believes their mission is to ensures better life through better medicine. DIL approaches this challenge with excitement, determination & optimism. This is possible in close collaboration with their clients.
Drug International Ltd. products enjoy the trust and respect of the medical user communities.

Endeavor of DIL is to develop any specialized formulations/intermediate according to the need and specification of individual customer.

DIL Spreading its business in many developing and developed countries across the globe. DIL is praised domestically and internationally for its outstanding product quality.
History/ Management Profile
Dr. M. M. Amjad Hussain was born on 1st October in the year 1925, at Vill. Enayetpur, Thana Enayetpur, District Sirajganj. He obtained his MBBS from Calcutta Medical College in the year 1948. Currently he is the Managing Director and Chairman of the following industries/companies/organizations:
  • Drug International Limited

  • Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College & Hospital

  • ATI Limited

  • ATI Ceramics Limited

  • M M Tea Estate

  • Drug International Unani Limited

Dr. M. M. Amjad Hussain started his career as Doctor in the Medical Corp. in the then Pakistan Army in the year 1950. He left the army in 1953 and started business in Chittagong, the port city of Bangladesh. In the year 1958 he started the first Export oriented industry “Pakistan Kapok Mills Limited, in Chittagong and started exporting Kapok fibers to USA. In the year 1962 he started Textile Industry named “Alhaj Textile Mills Limited” (At that time this was the largest Textile Industry in Bangladesh). In the year 1967 he has set up a Jute Mill named, “Alhaj Jute Mills Limited” Dr. M. M. Amjad Hussain was founder and Managing Director of both the Textile and Jute Mills.

After liberation of Bangladesh, all the Textile & Jute industries were nationalized by the then Government of Bangladesh in the year 1974. From 1974 – 1982 he was involved in Trading. After denationalization in the year 1982, he became the Managing Director of Alhaj Textile Mills Limited and Alhaj Jute Mills Limited till November 1991.

It is also worth mentioning that Dr. M M Amjad Hussain was also former chairman of Bangladesh Textile Mills Association.

Then in 1980 he started a Pharmaceutical industry named “Drug International Limited” in Tongi Industrial Area. The industry became one of the sixth largest pharmaceutical industries of the country. The pharmaceutical industry expanded it activities by setting up another unit under the same name “Drug International Limited, Basic Chemical Division” to produce bulk drugs in the year 1997 in Squibb Road, Tongi I/A, Gazipur, which is the third largest bulk drug manufacturer of the country. In the year 2000, the company inducted yet another unit of “Drug International Ltd. Sterile Unit”; it started commercial operation in the same year. In the year 2001 another unit in the same industry is under process of commissioning and expected to go into commercial operation from April 2002.

In the year 1998, ATI Limited has been established as a software development house, which is now one of the biggest software firms in the country. ATI Limited also has an education & training division for development of human in the field of computer science with collaboration of Genetic Computer School, Singapore.

In the year 2000, another industry in the name of ATI Ceramics Ltd. was established in the District of Gazipur, to produce ceramic and Granito tiles. This is the only Granito tiles manufacturer in the country till now. He has also established and was patron and founder of a Girls High School in his mothers name called “Meherunnesa Girls High School”, in the village Enayetpur, Sirajganj, in the year 1956 which is the only Girls' High School in the vicinity
Facilities & Strategies
Drug International Ltd. is one of the top rank manufacturer and a major player in the pharmaceutical sector of Bangladesh and first manufacturer of soft gelatin capsule in Bangladesh. We have an undisputed leadership position in cardiac products with dedicated facilities for these products. Apart from these dedicated facilities, there exists a multipurpose facility to manufacture other products like the antibiotics, anti-diabetic, anti-viral, antacid & ulcer healing, analgesic & anti-inflammatory, vitamins, sustained release products and other anti-hypertensive drugs.

The environment of the factory is an awardance with WHO standard to ensure the highest level of quality.

DIL deliver cost-effective and the best products to their customers.
Marketing strategies
  • Identifying effective products for local markets

  • Development of the product and service portfolio

  • Ensuring timely and targeted communication by using modern information technology

  • Providing quality medicine to the remotest corners of the country

  • Maintenance of personal contacts to customers

Today they employ a lot of staff in different sectors which includes Doctors, Chemists, Pharmacists, Engineers, Technicians and others professionals. They believes, it is essential that all their employees should be directly involved in the process of optimizing their operations and their way of working and that DIL learn from each other. DIL want their people to be capable, reliable, empowered and responsive.

Drug international Ltd. are committed to bring together qualified personnel to build an effective organization that will be respected in the market place.
Drug International Ltd. are manufacture according to cGMP & in suitable environment control all steps are done and related personnel are trained up according to needs. Lot of latest sophisticated products are existing and latest various life saving products are in their pipe line.

Solid Department

(A)Tablet Section
Tablet section of Drug International Ltd. is well equipped and enriched with all necessary facilities. All processing steps are done by automatic machineries & equipment.

Their specialty of tablet formulations ensure and offer a stable, highly concentrated and convenient dosage form, which contributes towards accurate dosage and encourage good patient compilation.

(B)Hard capsule
Capsule section of Drug International Ltd. is well equipped and enriched with all necessary facilities. All processing steps are done by automatic machineries & equipment.

Sachet processing of Drug International Ltd. is fully automatic. According to cGMP & in suitable environmental control and maintain strictly.

Syrup processing of Drug International Ltd. commence with all modern sophisticated machineries and environmental control as per cGMP. All latest steps are included and additional continuously adapted to future mindset.

(E)Oral Suspension:
Suspension section of Drug International Ltd. is well equipped and enriched with all necessary facilities as per cGMP . All employees are trained up according to need and participate continuous improvement system.

(F)Oral Emulsion:
Emulsion of Drug International Ltd. is unique and only manufacture of cod liver oil Emulsion in our local market. It's palatability and acceptances is widely known and continuously improve it in micro-emulsion.

(G)Soft Gelatin Capsule:
Drug international Ltd. has introduced soft capsule first time in Bangladesh. We have special modern technology & equipments for this regard. We are the pioneer in these fields and introducing all kind of vitamins and various life saving drugs in soft capsule dosage form.

Sterile Department
All IV/IM vial are process in strictly controlled aseptic area in class 100 rooms and out manufacturing capabilities, auto-processing equipments, uninterrupted environment control lead us present quality products in the market.

Drug international Ltd. Lead to manufacture many sophisticated parenteral products such as psudonil(Amikacin) and mainly other on our pipe line which lead us a poineer manufacturer in these regard.

(C)Eye, Ear & Nasal Drop Departments
Eye,Ear & Nasal Drop Departments are establishment with all modern technology and required aseptic technology facilities setup as per cGMP guidance. DIL ensures a best quality of ophthalmic products for the patients.

(D)Cream, Ointment & Gel
Drug international Ltd. is introducing a lot of essential topical cream, ointment & Gel with excellent manufacturing facilities, with automatic manufacturing devices and highly controlled environment to produce high quality of topical Cream, Ointment & Gel.

Packaging Department
Packaging Department of Drug International Ltd. is very elegant and convenient for all products. We have a lot of latest design automatic blister packing machine, automatic liquid filling-sealing facilities, shrink packing arrangement and many more. A group of trained & expert officers & workers effort ensure elegance in presentation of finished products to protect against physical, chemical, climatic and biological hazards.

Their primary and secondary packaging systems are extraordinary and strictly control & monitor by QA continuously to ensure the integrity and consistency of the products.

They always ensure you for their products quality, safely and stability by the unique packaging system.

Drug International Ltd. has a centralized research center with modern facilities and a group of young dedicated and energetic personnel are engaging in the Research & Development with immense of resources facilities. They have never held as much promise as it does today.

Drug International Ltd. believes their responsibility to explore the full potential of medical research in treating and preventing disease and in promoting health. DIL approaches this challenge with excitement, determination and optimism.

DIL meets their goal, they move quickly, be flexible and to find new and better ways of doing things. Most important, they continues to attract and retain the vary best people, breakthroughs in medicine almost always come through of ideas and knowledge within a committed team environment. Clear goal is to bring needed medicines to patients worldwide as quickly as possible. For our employees the future of medicine is their future.

Head Office

Dhaka - 1205, Bangladesh
Phone: (+88 02) 9662611;(+88 02) 9626112;(+88 02) 9662613;(+88 02) 9662614
Fax: (+88 02) 8614364
E-mail Address;
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